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Thursday, June 7, 2012

No News for Us, but Two Dogs Home Safe

Yesterday I took my daughter to the playground.  There were at least a dozen adults there with kids running around . . . and one loose dog.  No one seemed to be paying much attention to the dog, and I asked a few people if they knew who he belonged to - I got shrugs until a little girl told me the dog was lost, and a man had come through the park looking for him "a while ago."  I caught the dog, called the telephone number on the tags, and he was back with his owner about 10 minutes later.

I felt like screaming the tag line from those ads on Metro:  If you see something (a lost dog) say something!

A little bit of insight into humanity, and why it can be so hard for us to believe that when we know Sass has walked down a busy streets we get so few sightings.

The other difficulty is that I had to negotiate this in front of my daughter, who is three.  She knows Sass is lost, and we are looking for her, but she can't quite wrap her head around the fact that we *can't* find her.  We're the adults; we're supposed to be able to make things right.

On a happier note, on Tuesday our babysitter called to say she had to cancel because her dog was lost after someone left a gate open at her house.  She called back last night to say the dog was home, a little worse for wear, but she'll be okay.

So, two dogs back to their owners in two days.  I hope our turn comes.


  1. If I lived in your area, I would definitely help you search for your precious dog! I just got a call about my lost cat at 3AM last night after going through the nightmare of losing him and he is curled up on our couch right now - I know you will never give up on Sass! I don't want to say anything offensive, but I have a strong feeling you will be reunited with your dog. You are doing EVERYTHING you can and more, and she seems to be a total trooper. I have some family living VERY close to Chevy Chase and I will let them know to keep an eye out for her.

    I am praying for you to find her soon!

  2. I am very happy those two dogs made their way home. They were found quickly. I am very sad though and I should say frustrated that Sassafras is still out there fending for herself in areas where it seems there is a lot of people and even on the trails where Sass may be. It is very maddening when people are oblivious of a lost living being. Come on people, a dog is wandering around with no owner in sight you question it.

    I have similar stories. I came off the bus one time and thank goodness I was there to spot a little dog struggling out of his leash. No one was paying attention. He was tied to a post outside a liquor store. I managed to lure him in. He was excited but thank goodness he did not go towards the street but God willing I would have done anything to get him. And I did, I was able to keep him in while I asked everyone coming out if this was their dog. They simply nodded and would proceed to let the automatic doors open. No one helped. Finally the owner came and I pleaded to him never to bring his dog for errands and leave him unattended. He agreed and thanked me profusely.

    Another time my neighbor's dog was outside running in the street. A little puppy they just got so I knew they wouldn't have let her out on her own. Thank goodness I was home. I saw a couple just look at her and walk away. This is a neighborhood where some dogs are left to roam or runaway from unfenced yard but it is the law to not to let dogs roam. So of course I dashed out and thank goodness knew my neighbor's door code and kept calling the dog, she was having a grand time. I rushed in and got her treats and she ran back home to my calling her and ran in the house. A back door was left opened by the kids in the morning. But I was persistent. I don't let up to save an animal.

    I saved another dog who just ran up to me while I was sitting outside. It was good that he was friendly and stayed by me. I got a leash we had and called the number on the tag and walked the dog home. Another time it was a cat. I kept persisting to the cat sitter to put a humane cage because I knew where the cat was but she never did so my husband and I rented a cage, put food in and got the cat within 10 minutes. She was missing for four months!!

    So what I am saying is that people who spot her should really really try and lure her and grab her. It's been over a year and your chances may be running out. I know you say to take a picture and call and not chase her and I understand why for sure. But now it's really desperate measures people need to take. People tend to follow rules so maybe change your request by saying if people can, to just grab her. For sure there might have been people who tried this and she is difficult to get but now is the time, in the summer, this is it. I know you've tried your best so far but new tactics need to be placed.

    I am so sorry if I might sound blunt or offensive. You know I only have best interests at heart for you and Sassafras. It's just becoming so frustrating and I am sure you are feeling it way more than the people who care deeply for Sass. I just sometimes don't get why it is taking so long. I haven't saved many but I have and it can be done it seems. With great effort and courage and being persistent I think it can be accomplished. I would be out every day and night to find her. I wish I was there. I know many are there for her but new measures may help.

    I sincerely, with all my heart would live Sassafras to be home very soon.

  3. I read again my message and you know a lot of my messages to you are of support and encouragement. I failed to do this in this one. You know I support you and want to be positive that Sassafras will be home soon. It's not good to hear discouraging words. I want her found as badly as you and see your family whole and liberated and together again.

    I just want more push given to the Community. To let them know that Sassafras is loved and we are in other times where a dog is more than a dog who works for us, fends for themselves in the wild like wolves, etc...dogs are friends, loyal companions, not to be taken as objects, to love and cherish as they do us. Some people tend to forget this or not know this as well as others.

    Let's all help each other, create better loving, caring communities, better country and world. And in times like this many do come out better people helping one another.

    Good luck to Sassafras and her safe return home and soon.

  4. @Céline, thanks for your comments and support. I know you are one of the people who would love to see Sass come home. However, no matter how desperate we are, we do *not* want people chasing her, which will cause her to run without her usual care (she's been able to keep away from cars so far) and possibly even scare her out of the neighborhoods we've identified. That would truly be tragic. We are doing everything we can to bring her home; Jeff and I discuss what's possible for us and what is not, we confer with the tracker, we listen to others who have had success, and we make our decisions from there. She's our Sassy girl, and no one wants to bring her home safely more than we do.

    1. Hi Beth and Jeff,

      I perfectly understand that it would be a risk having Sassafras run off and be in more trouble than she is already in. Of course no one wants that. I know dogs can get agitated, excited, scared. I don't want anything bad to happen to her. I just wish I could throw a big safety net around her and guard her and bring her home to you. Know what I mean? I wish I could do this for you. I'm sorry, I take her loss personal and at heart. I just hate to see animals lost and their family sad. When I saw you on Anderson I was crying my eyes out. And then your videos. My husband and I have four cats and we love them to pieces and we are animal lovers. We hope the best to you and your family, your sweet daughter waiting for her friend. It is very hard. I can understand. I never lost a pet but I know I would be just like you. Relentless in the search and doing what is best for my pet.

      You know I wish you only the best and wish you to be strong and courageous. You are doing everything that is right for Sassafras. I am very happy you are not giving up even though it is desperately tiring and frustrating. You are doing this out of love for your beautiful Sassafras.

      You are such an inspiration. Best of luck.

  5. Just learned about a service called that calls people within a certain geographic area, for a fee. I don't know if you have tried it, but it might let you reach Chevy Chase area, since you can't put up posters.

  6. @kellycomments: We have used in the past when we had a good sighting and we believed she was still in the area. Since Sassafras keeps on the move, using the service even a few hours after a sighting doesn't help us much, and because of the population density around here, it gets expensive ($500+) to call a mile radius of houses - and Sass can cover a mile in about 5 minutes.

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    1. Don't comment on this and like this, blunt and upfront when it looks like you haven't read any of the blogs. First of all Sassafras is a female dog! You call yourself a dog whisperer and you know nothing of this dog who is a female and have been spotted and not dead. She has been spotted recently running around.

      Give hope to these lovely people instead of discouragement. Lost dogs are not necessarily dead dogs. Many many have survived and been found. Be positive and help this family find their dog and not tell them to replace her. She is not a thing to replace.

      Your comment is very disturbing. You may think you are healing their hearts by them accepting she is gone but I find your comment not very healing and ill informed. If you have proof then come forward with it in a tactful respectful way.

      This is my comment to you and does not reflect the owners opinions.

    2. Lend only support. This person who's obviously responding to cause hurt, and call themselves a 'whisperer', gets some kind of sick pleasure from this. Rise above it, find your precious pet and live many happy years together.

  9. @Celine & Artyone, thank you for your supportive comments.

    1. You're welcome. That is not a comment you need to have here. Don't let those negative people get you down. You are both so devoted and it is an inspiration to all. Don't give up finding your loving pet Sassafras. I know it is very hard and frustrating at times. Believe me we are frustrated as well but we all want to support you and keep the faith and to be strong for Sassafras and you. There are more supporting people. We love your family and Sassafras who is family too and will be returned hope with the help of all who do not want to give up.

      It is getting quite warm out there. I know you know this already to check areas with water where Sass may be more often to keep cool.

      What happened to the man who took care of the grounds at the University, I believe? That was a long time ago but if I recall correctly, didn't he see Sassafras? Was this in Chevy Chase? Just wondering if she is returning there because he would feed the animals.

      All the best and let's get Sassafras home this summer!!