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Confirmed Sighting: May 9 2012, north Chevy Chase. [2011]December 11, neighborhood outside Colombia Country Club. October 20, Colombia Country Club. September 14, Candy Cane City and into Rock Creek Park. September 7 or 8, Brookville and Shepherd in Chevy Chase, and then back south on Connecticut to Chevy Chase circle (where she is getting water, we believe). August 28th, on Thornapple in Chevy Chase, and then headed south on Connecticut!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Sighting (Update)

Sam (the tracker) spoke with the person who possibly saw Sass, and while it may be her we decided against a track at this point.  I want to stress that this isn't a decision based on costs - it's based on the fact that a track probably wouldn't tell us anything new.  This sighting was in Sass' known territory, and we just had a confirmation of that she was still there.  Salsa needs some rest, too, as they had a successful Olivia track this morning!  Hurrah!

One of our dedicated volunteers will be out in that neighborhood tonight to check to make sure there are flyers in the area, and try to catch the neighbors walking their dogs to let them know our Sass is out and about.


  1. You can be reasonably sure it was her and I agree another track won't give you new info. Great idea to talk to folks walking their dogs as she clearly has some doggie friends.

  2. Have you guys spent much time in the part of Rock Creek Park that borders Wise Road/Oregon Ave? I drive through there twice a day when I commute and have had an eye out for her. If she was at Rittenhouse/Broad Branch this week and has been spotted at Candy Cane Park in the past, it's possible that she hangs out in the park. It's such a big area that it might be hard to track, but maybe worth walking the paths?

  3. @Gayle, we do believe she uses RCP - it has food, water and shelter, and she can hide from people pretty easily in 2000+ acres. We did, in fact, hike there with her ourselves fairly often, and we tracked her in the park once. Because of the size of the park, it isn't a good use of Salsa's nose to take a guess on where she might be, but we do ask volunteers to carry business cards when they hike in the park to hand out to people (we cannot post flyers anywhere in the park).

  4. Does anybody go out there and call out her name? Silly question but there's only mentions about passing out cards and posting flyers. It seems it's now or never. Everyone knows where she is and I'm sure no one wants another year of her on her own.

    I can imagine it's difficult in such a large area. I hope she can run to her owners one day.

    Keep it up.

    Best of luck always.