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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Answer from Prudence

Prudence (aka Emily Yoffe) answered my email asking if she thought the letter writer could possibly be referencing Sassafras.

She tells me that she, unfortunately, has no way of getting in touch with the people who write into the chat, so there is no way to pass on a message.  So, we have to hope that the original letter writer does the right thing, and we (or a family like ours, who is missing a fuzzy member) gets a call very soon.

This, to me, underlines how much our search depends on people in our community.  A child picked up a flyer and brought it to her mother's attention, the mother considered what to do and made an effort to work out her dilemma, Prudence picked the question and answered, someone was kind enough to point me to the chat, volunteers gathered possible email addresses at which to write Prudence, and Prudence wrote back.  None of those people in the chain had to do anything - they gave a little time, exercised a little compassion, and helped get me to a place where I've done what I can.  (Besides firmly crossing my fingers that the phone rings - but that happens every day, all day.)

Things didn't turn out the way I dreamed they would with this - and, believe me, I am always dreaming of happy endings - but I am extremely grateful to all the people who continue to show they care.

EDIT:  A number of people have asked/argued that Prudence must have more information and pressed me to get back in touch with her or allow them to get in touch with her.  Her answer was clear - there is no more information that she can give to us.  Please do not bombard her with messages.  She was kind enough to get back to me, and I appreciate that.  If you read her regularly, then you know she loves dogs, and would be just the kind of person who would help if she could.  Unfortunately, she can't.


  1. I have a feeling that the dog that lady has is Sassafras. Why would she snatch the flyer from the person and tear it up and said to mind their own business? The person is 99% certain it is Sassafras from the flyer.

    I hope with all my heart this person comes through for you and does the right thing. I hope Prudence can maybe write again in her chat to this person and reassure them to do the right thing.

    Please whoever wrote to Prudence, know in your heart that you would do the right thing by returning this dog to the rightful owners who have been relentless in their search for her for over a year now. Know that many people have fallen in love with Sassafras and have been supporting the owners and helping them find their beloved dog. We would be so proud of you for being compassionate to them. Sassafras is not in her own home right now. She belongs in her home and with the people who rescued her, adopted her , cared for her and love her. Their little girl is missing Sassafras. What if it would be your daughter losing something she adores? I hope you are reading their blog. Your neighbor will know in the longrun that she did the right thing too. She would have to realize that. Don't be afraid of her. I told my neighbor to stop letting his dogs loose running around, that they could get hit by a car etc...I did right by the pets and my neighbor still speaks to me and even if he didn't, I'm proud I spoke up for the safety of his animals.

    Sassafras' pet parents, I respect you and I just hope Prudence and the neighbor who found the flyer could find a way to help and Sassafras or any other dog could be returned.

    Don't give up. Write to newspapers, go on Anderson again if you can, make new posters asking if someone has her to return her, no questions asked, walk the neighborhoods in case this lady takes the dog out, who knows, hopefully she is not far. Hopefully someone else spots her and comes forward and helps you have her back.

    We are all on your side.

    The best of luck to you.

  2. It would be so wonderful if the poster that last week's writer to Dear Prudence was referring to is Sassafras's.

    I'm wondering if anyone is planning to join the Dear Prudence chat today at 1pm to follow-up? I'd never heard of "Dear Prudence" til last week, and am not really sure how it works. My understanding is that it's a live chat on Mondays at 1pm that can be accessed at

    In any case, I hope the person does follow "Dear Prudence's" advice and calls the number on the poster to make contact with the dog's rightful family. Perhaps the neighbor who "adopted" the dog will find it in his/her heart to return her to her rightful home.