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Thursday, March 8, 2012

11 Months Today

Sassafras got away from the dogwalker 11 months ago today.

There have been no confirmed sightings since December 11, which is very discouraging.

On the positive side, there are still people keeping an eye out for her and a couple weeks ago a very nice person called us about a beagle she saw in her yard near Sligo Creek:

I called yesterday about seeing an off-leash beagle behind my house. I'm sorry to say it's for sure not Sassafras. I looked up your website last night and studied her markings in case I saw the dog again.
This morning around 7:30 I saw the same dog in the same area. The tail, though turned up like Sassafras', the white was only at the tip. Also, this dog has mostly black marking on the full length of the back and only white on the paws and front of the nose.
As soon as I got a good look at the dog, I double checked your pictures and could tell right away it was not her.

I read your FAQs and will know if I do see, the dos and don'ts. I really felt for you guys and am happy to see such dedication on your part to find her.

I posted a link to your website on a listserve many members of our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) congregation are on in the Silver Spring/Kensington area. I also re-posted it on the Silver Spring Moms listserve, giving a bit of an update and confirming that the search continues.

All the best in your efforts.


  1. I still have some cards that I can pass out again. If you'd like me to do so tomorrow, please let me know the best place to do so. Hang in there!

  2. In my opinion, I would be more adamant in checking this woman's hutches and descriptions of the dog she say she saw in her yard. I would go and verify if it is Sassafras because she may have changed during these 11 months. I know her markings can't change but she might have lost weight, her fur might be of a different texture, her paws and/or body could be dirty and so it might be harder for the woman to really pinpoint exactly the colors of the dog she saw compared to Sassafras.

    I would ask her if she could coax the dog in her house or her yard or even her car. Anyway possible. And if it is not Sassafras at least this dog will be rescued and can return home. Bring him/her to a good shelter (no-kill preferably) and post around the neighborhood about this dog. There are so many lost dogs. Let's make every effort in finding their home and check for sure if they are Sassafras.

    Yes there is a positive side that people are still looking for Sass. I think of you and her all the time.

    All the best.

  3. FYI: I just read a post on "Lost & Found Dogs -- Virginia" on Facebook that a dog named Lilly, missing for 262 days was just reunited with her family. Someone had been feeding what they described as a "skittish dog" for months. The family kept putting posters up and ultimately this person saw one and called the family to see if there was a match. There was! Keep the faith!

  4. Rikkicat's comment brought tears to my eyes. I think of Sassafras everyday. I say a prayer for her every night. Yes, keep the faith! She can be found. Don't give up. Keep putting up those posters even if people aren't happy about (it has nothing to do with a loved one of theirs), keep searching the neighborhoods, keep checking the shelters and keep asking for help. Just a thought. Ellen Degeneres is a big animal lover with millions of viewers and she reads her mail. It would be good if you tell your story to her. More exposure.

    A dog from Montreal was returned home a year later and many provinces away. She was brought to a shelter by a woman who was taking care of her and thank goodness she had a microchip. So you never know. Check many shelters. There are great stories of animals being returned to their loving family and Sassafras could be one of those stories.

    I hope and pray everyday for you and Sassafras and keep the faith like rikicat says. There is still hope.

    All the best and love,


  5. Hi :)

    As a HUGE animal lover, while I read this thread and I too decided I had to share a similar experience. A lifelong friend of mine lost her cat a year or so ago. Despite living in a small town (mere 2 miles wide) and much searching, her beloved pet has still not showed up. I wanted to share with her something so that she too would "keep the faith". What follows below is what I shared. This article was found on or about on Yahoo and shared on 4/5/12 with her.


    Just wanted to share this with you....never give up hope! :)

    A woman was reunited with her long-lost cat after he had been missing for more than 15 years. Poldi, as he is affectionately known, was found in the woods behind a home in Munich.

    At first, the teenager who found him thought he was a stray, but an ID tattoo behind his ear showed that he belonged to a family and had been missing since 1996.

    The ginger tomcat was malnourished and missing his front teeth, but he was friendly and receptive to the strangers who cared for him for a few days. When they discovered his tattoo, they took him to an animal sanctuary to see if his name was in the database of missing animals. He was, as was his owner's information.

    When Poldi's original owner was contacted, she was dumbfounded. She had long given up hope of finding Poldi. She says she thinks he originally ran away because he did not get along with her other furry feline.

    I hope this will bring you some small measure of comfort and hope as well as help to strengthen and maintain your resolve during those rough times.

    Keeping you and yours in my prayers for a speedy reunion with this new recovery effort.