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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Stand Up Guy

Last night while I was having dinner with my daughter the Sass-phone rang.  The connection wasn't great, and I was trying to keep my daughter from overhearing everything, but I heard a man on the line tell me that he'd hit a beagle with his car.  My defenses went up immediately - when someone says something like that, it is almost certainly another crank call from someone who sees our flyer and the opportunity to inflict pain.

I was wrong.

He told me he'd hit the dog, taken it to a vet, and it had been transferred to animal control.  He gave me the ID number for the dog, and told me that he'd searched craigslist and found the post about Sassafras.  He didn't know if it was her - he'd been racing to the vet - but he wanted us to know, and to be able to check.  He'd called animal control and been told the dog was doing well after surgery.

He obviously cared.

So, my apologies to last night's caller.  I doubted you in those first few moments, but you proved yourself to be a good human being, and I thank you.

Unfortunately, this isn't our Sass, but I hope she makes it home soon.

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  1. It's heartening that Sass awareness is this high. What a noble man.