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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

From the Archives (1978 that is)

Well-wisher Donna sent in this find about a beagle that survived a cold winter in Winnipeg in 1978. That weather must have been much worse than we have here in DC, but we still have a tough time thinking about Sass out there. It's reason for hope nonetheless.

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  1. That is an incredible story! Yes it is quite cold in Canada and very much right now despite the fact that some States in the U.S. got their winter before us this year, we got it now with lots of snow and cold. I hate thinking of all the feral or lost/abandoned cats and dogs and especially Sassafras whom have grown dear to my heart. I think of her and her family every day. I hope for her survival and her return home every second of the day. There are many of survival and found pets stories out there. Like the dog who ran away from her Montreal home and was found a year later across the country and reunited with her owners thanks to her microchip. Let's hope it is sooner for Sassafras. There is hope, do not lose it. Many wish for her safety and her return home. We love her dearly. I say a prayer every night for whoever great in the universe can keep her safe, warm, nourished and found soon.

    Please everyone continue to help, continue to hope for her survival and her safe return home. And continue to give strength to her family.

    All the best and hope for Sassy!