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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Professional's Opinion on Trapping in Winter

I had a long talk with the tracker tonight and she has a strict rule about trapping in Winter: Don't. That is, unless you are sure you can check the trap every two hours, otherwise you are putting the animals in danger of hypothermia.

That was actually the short part of my talk with her - the rest of it consisted of her reminding me of all the ways Sassafras has proved herself smart and resourceful, and urging me to keep the faith.

We would love to be able to feel like we are doing something more. We will still need to figure out what that is.


  1. The something more you are doing is not giving up on Sassafras and that's what she needs because she is still out there. You are doing everything possible. Personally I would not have given up on any of my pets and you've been an inspiration to many on what it is to receive unconditional love from your pet and pets are also part of the family. Many people know about Sassafras. It would take just one to save her. I think many are looking out for her.

    There might be stay-at-home Moms or dads or people who work from home that could check on the trap. Or animal control. I wonder if they could check. I'm at home all day but I'm in Canada!! I would check for sure. There must be someone as devoted.

    I am wishing for your New Year miracle to have Sassafras home.

  2. What happened to the idea of using cameras? If there was a camera on the trap, volunteers could check it with their smartphones and wouldn't have to physically go there every 2 hours. We could even make use of volunteers like Celine who could watch the trap from far away and call us locals to tell us when an animal was in it.

  3. abcdf: We did a lot of legwork on trying to figure out how to place a webcam, and without a reliable power source and stable internet connection it isn't really possible, and in the places we were considering we would have neither.

  4. I'm not from your area, as you know by now I live in Canada so forgive me if the information I send you is not useful or if you have already did this before. I looked up animal rescue sites to help and came up with The Missing Pet Partnership in Washington, Dc. Here's the website:

    Could they help you? If they are not in your area I'm thinking you could still contact them and they could help you by giving you other organizations that do these types of rescues for lost pets. I know you already have a tracker. What you need most is volunteers to check on the trap if you decide to put one. These organizations provide volunteers. I hope this can help.

    If you find out that a camera could help and I could watch over the Internet from Canada and contact you then of course it's my pleasure to do this for you. Contact me through here and I can email you.

    All the best.