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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Possible (but unlikely) sighting - Rock Creek Park / Quebec Street NW

Our amazing volunteer Jen emailed about someone who approached her with a possible sighting earlier this week on Quebec Street NW coming out of Rock Creek Park. Certain details make us think it's not Sassafras, but Jen's efforts to find out are super appreciated. (See below the break.)

Snippets from Jen's email yesterday:
Someone approached me after seeing the flyer on the back of my wheelchair. She said she may have seen Sassafras a few days ago coming out of Rock Creek Park at the end of Quebec Street NW (in the DC neighborhood of Cleveland Park).  She said she thought she remembered the dog being whiter than Sassafras.  I gave her one of the business cards that shows both sides of Sassafras, and explained that Sass is whiter on one side than the other, but even then she felt that the dog she saw may have been whiter. She didn't recall the shape of the tail or whether the dog was wearing a collar.

Quebec Street is odd in that it has sections that don't connect with each other.  In case you aren't familiar with the piece of Quebec that's adjacent to Rock Creek Park, here's a description:  There's a point where Connecticut Avenue, Porter Street, and Quebec Street all more-or-less come together.  (Quebec intersects with Porter a few feet away from where Porter intersects with Connecticut, so there isn't an official 3-way intersection, even though it feels like one.)  One block east of there, Quebec Street ends and Rock Creek Park begins.  There's a dirt trail down into the park.

The area is very popular with dog walkers, many of whom let their dogs off-leash.  Generally, an off-leash dog is followed soon after by a human. However, [the sighter] said that she looked and didn't see a human following.  She said she checked a listserv to see if there was anything about a lost dog.

[Her] comment about the dog's color makes me think that he/she probably wasn't Sassafras, but just in case, I'm going back in a few minutes to post flyers on that block of Quebec Street.
And Jen's follow up activities:

There are now flyers on the block of Quebec Street that's east of Connecticut.  I also posted one on the bulletin board in the laundry roomof Quebec House South, and gave one to someone in Quebec House North who said she would put it up in the laundry room there.  On my way to Quebec House, I stopped by Adas Israel and talked to a very nice guard who asked for a flyer for the guard shack.  (I love it when the people I encounter ask me for flyers!)  
Even if Sassafras isn't in the immediate vicinity, the hundreds of people in the two Quebec House buildings have Rock Creek Park right in their backyards, and it's likely that many of them enjoy hiking there.  So, even if Sassafras is still on the Maryland side of the border, it's quite possible that a weekend hiker from Quebec House could encounter her. 
There are other buildings along Connecticut that might also be good to target, but that's a project for another day!

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