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Confirmed Sighting: May 9 2012, north Chevy Chase. [2011]December 11, neighborhood outside Colombia Country Club. October 20, Colombia Country Club. September 14, Candy Cane City and into Rock Creek Park. September 7 or 8, Brookville and Shepherd in Chevy Chase, and then back south on Connecticut to Chevy Chase circle (where she is getting water, we believe). August 28th, on Thornapple in Chevy Chase, and then headed south on Connecticut!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Sammy - Local, but not Sassafras

Pictured below is Sammy, who lives in the neighborhood where we've recently tracked Sassafras. He is always walked on a leash and Sammy's owner has been asked if she's walking Sass. That means the word is definitely getting out:

Note that Sammy has full beagle ears, is much whiter than Sass, and tail is not as fluffy. He's also male. Sass is a 4 year old brown/white/black beagle mix with a distinctive white tipped tail that curls back towards her head and ears more erect and smaller than a typical beagle. 

Of course, some folks are asking if the tracking dog could be mistaking Sammy for Sass. When we have a positive track, the tracking dog is able to distinguish between dogs based on smell, not appearance, so the tracks in the neighborhood should be of Sassafras. (We had another sighting of a beagle in Glenwood cemetery where we used the tracking dog to confirm that it wasn't Sass.)

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