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Friday, July 15, 2011

Technical difficulties - camera update - was it Sass?

Updates from great volunteers who are helping keep our 2 feeding stations and cameras going:

Camera on East-West Highway:

Hi Beth & Jeff - my heart leaped when I came this morning bc all the food had been finished! When I loaded the pictures, they were no new ones after 8:40p when I was at the station, which means I didn't get the SD re-formatted to accept new.

Drat, was it Sass last night?... still working on camera issues.

Camera near park:

No Sassie again this morning. Two other dogs -- different from before and both with collars, one clearly on a leash -- did polish off the food, though. Unless you disagree, I'm going to put a nice note up by the food and ask the dog owners to try to keep the food for Sassie and other homeless souls.

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  1. Beth,

    Just curious, how does the camera feeding station work? Do you have a photo of one? Thanks, Darren