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Confirmed Sighting: May 9 2012, north Chevy Chase. [2011]December 11, neighborhood outside Colombia Country Club. October 20, Colombia Country Club. September 14, Candy Cane City and into Rock Creek Park. September 7 or 8, Brookville and Shepherd in Chevy Chase, and then back south on Connecticut to Chevy Chase circle (where she is getting water, we believe). August 28th, on Thornapple in Chevy Chase, and then headed south on Connecticut!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Upper Rock Creek Park - Wish It Was Sass?

Two very nice walkers this morning called that they saw a beagle walking around the parking lot on Beach Road (north of where it hits Wise Road) in Rock Creek Park. Their description was close enough that I went to check it out. I met with them at the parking lot and, unfortunately, don't think that they saw Sass. The dog they saw had a neon orange collar, which could not be mistaken from the one Sass had when she was lost...

The callers names were Hope and Joy... sure could use some more of both in this search.

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