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Confirmed Sighting: May 9 2012, north Chevy Chase. [2011]December 11, neighborhood outside Colombia Country Club. October 20, Colombia Country Club. September 14, Candy Cane City and into Rock Creek Park. September 7 or 8, Brookville and Shepherd in Chevy Chase, and then back south on Connecticut to Chevy Chase circle (where she is getting water, we believe). August 28th, on Thornapple in Chevy Chase, and then headed south on Connecticut!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Please Ask Local Media To Get Involved - Here's How

This week, starting today, we’re asking you to contact the media to ask them to take up the Sassafras story. It’s quick and easy to do so, and hopefully will lead to Sass being found. A message that could be used directly, or adapted, is below. So too are suggestions for media to contact. We believe that if enough people contact different media, someone will take up the story. (Please note: today is our human daughter’s second birthday… bringing her lost canine sister home would be the best possible present.)

[If you have suggestions for additional steps to take, or ways to tell the story, please add a comment to the blog post at]


Family, friends and perfect strangers go to great lengths to look for lost dog.

After 6 weeks of searching, 2000+ posters hung, 5000+ views of blog, 1000+ views of video, 4500 phone calls, two professional trackers brought in, and dozens of volunteers helping with tweets, facebook entries, listserv postings, we’re asking the media to please take on this story so that it has a happy ending. This is not simply a lost dog story, but one of people connecting, discovery of community resources, as well as finding some bad apples and problems… Key resources at and   Contact Jeff and Beth at or (202) 664-2301

On Friday, April 8, in the early afternoon 3 ½ year-old Sassafras, a beagle-jack russell mix (who was rescued at 6 weeks old from a kill shelter in West Virginia and has a medical condition) got away from her walker in the Adams Morgan area. After a chase to and from the zoo, she was lost. Her family, now with the help of many volunteers (providing one-time and ongoing assistance, online and physical help) continues the search and has discovered many things, including:   

#1) The city department charged with disposing of dead animals does not call pet owners even if the dead animal has tags and other easy identification. (The people involved had to really bother the city to get any useful information about whether they picked up Sassafras, who when lost had a collar on with her name and phone number stitched in, as well as her tags, and a microchip.)

#2) While many area shelters put pictures of animals brought to their shelters online, the DC shelter does not, even though they have the capability. (See for area shelters that do use pictures.)

#4) There are trackers across the country that can be brought into help. Sassafras’ owners have had two in, one from Georgia and one from Baltimore, and others have provided advice. (See and  

#5) There are many people willing to help out and complete strangers have done great things, many of whom have helped or are searching for lost animals, others of whom were simply compelled by the story. (See blog “shout outs” including and

#6) Social media really is active in DC - in addition to rescues and other dog groups that have posted, tweeted, and facebooked, there are many local neighborhood listservs and blogs that have responded. The video created to help with the search now has more than 1100 views and the blog more than 5200 page views. (Contact Beth and Jeff for a list.)

#7) Unexpectedly, there are many crank callers who make this much worse. (See


NBC: [1:30PM-this link not appear to work right... anyone have a better contact?]
Washington Post metro section -
Washington Times, metro editor Matt Cella:  202/636-4895
Georgetown Patch -
Other area “Patch” sites – see

These media, and others, also have facebook pages where wall posts can be written. Please be creative with these and other ideas!


  1. Sharing everywhere possible!

    Lost & Found Dogs - DC Metro Area

    Missing Small Dog Alert! (Open to ALL dogs regardless of size or breed)

    Oliver Alert


    Missing Pets USA (Group)

    Dog Missing / Pet Lost & Found Alert

    Charlie to the Rescue Crossposts!


    Lost Pet Found Pet

    Lost and Found Dogs

    Missing PetAds

    TWITTER as:
    Terri Richards


    Terri, Founder Missing Small Dog Alert!

  2. Thank you, Rebecca @ WeLoveDC.

  3. Do you ever go out looking for her in places where she's been spotted? I'd be happy to help look for her or lost Olivia one evening or weekend that I am in town. Don't know much about dog tracking, so don't know if this would work or not. Also maybe people with pets could give the flyer to their vets for posting in the office in case she gets brought in? I'll give it to mine this weekend, though mine is still in Arlington.

  4. @Ellen, we do try to get to every place we have a credible sighting, and we try to get a very specific description of where she was so that the tracker's dog can put a nose down as close as possible. We've tried to contact all the vets we could find, but please take a flyer to yours! If someone found her hurt s/he is likely to take Sass to the vet they know, not necessarily the closest one, so she could easily end up in Arlington!

    Thank you so much for your offers to help, we really appreciate it!

  5. I've posted on the following Facebook pages. Crossing my fingers it helps!
    Georgetown Patch
    Fox 5 News
    WUSA 9
    NBC Washington
    Washington Post
    Washingtonian Magazine
    Washington Examiner

  6. Saw you all on the 11 o'clock news! Great job!! You are doing everything right.

    Check many sources for found dog info daily with Sassafras in mind. We've posted on our lost dog facebook page several times as well as other facebook lost and found pages,

  7. My dog has been missing for over 10 weeks. A rescue that was temporarily caring for her while I got back on my feet (I was between jobs and she needed emergency vet care) They placed her with an irresponsible foster and he works as a process server. He had her riding in his car and made 13 stops in two counties. He doesn't 'remember' where she could have jumped/was stolen. He realized she wasn't in the car at the end of his day. I am an Ovarian Cancer survivor, and have no children or family. I entrusted the most important gift in my life with a resuce that told me when I finally found out that she was missing: "We're sorry". I wasn't notified that she was missing until 3 weeks after she had been lost. Precious time lost forever..I live alone and I am devastated beyond words. I know how you feel...NO ONE that is in a position of real power will help you. I wish you the best of luck and will be praying that Sassafras returns home very soon.

  8. @DLK, thank you!

    @Tara, that is so heartbreaking. I really hope your dog is back at home with you soon.

  9. I'm sorry to hear you received odd/nasty and/or crank messages. I don't know what's wrong with some people.

    I hope you find her.